People I have met

The one who taught me to assume, no matter what

💁‍♀️Who ?

Caroline Vigneaux

Ex lawyer who became humourist

👑Where ?

Conference "C'est qui la Boss"

Beacause yes, when you have crazy ideas, don't except everybody to agree you and say "oh it's amazing!". This is not because they don't like you, it's because they don't understand, and it's OK.

You must be careful when you take advices: keep the best ones, leave the rest. If you receive a terrible feedback about an idea, only you must decide whether to take it seriously or not. It is up to you to reverse the trend, and make it your own strength. Assume your idea or your vision, no matter what.

The one who taught me to follow my intuition

💁🏼‍♀️Who ?

Claire Calmejane

Chief innovation officer, Société générale

🎧Where ?

From Podcast to LinkedIn

I listened to a podcast by Laura Lesueur and I have been touched by Claire's speech. I was glad I could discuss with her thanks to LinkedIn. The power of a social media, it's amazing how it can have a real impact on your life.

Thanks to her words, I learned how to create and to adjust my own definition of success. I learned that being vulnerable is not a weakness. It's important to be aligned with our soul. Follow your intuition, with these conditions it's so much easier to make things happen !

The one who taught me the power of a role model

🙍🏾‍♂️Who ?

Steve Moradel

Business intelligence entrepreneur

💪🏾Where ?

8 mars - la puissance du lien

His role model : Toni Morrison, woman of impact. Mine : Michelle Obama, woman of actions. Steve taught me how a role model can drive you. I've never met Michelle Obama, and yet she inspires me every day.

Steve also taught me that when you're inspired, when you want to make things happen, you have to make noise, give substance to what you say.

We often have the know-how, it's just a question of passing it on. Something to think about.

The one who taught me to listen, feel and find out my own self

💁🏻‍♀️Who ?

Aline Bonnet

Marketing Director Netflix France

👑Where ?

Conference "C'est qui la Boss"

It seems like a phrase from a personal development book but when she tells you, eye to eye, it makes so much sense. I always liked being an employee, but I sometimes get the feeling of missing room for all my ideas.

Spoiler alert, you will never have enough space, you need to create that space yourself. That is what I have learned with Aline: do not hesitate to talk, to explain and to take initiatives.
This is possible when you like what you do, when you are motivated. You shouldn't have to put up with it, just listen to yourself.

The one who taught me to keep my ideas and to believe in them

🙎🏾‍♀️Who ?

Elisabeth Moreno

Entrepreneur, former Minister Delegate for Gender Equality

💪🏾Where ?

8 mars - la puissance du lien

What she said to me: when you have a crazy idea, there will always be people who will tel you to let it go, that you won't succeed. And yet look! She organised in only 3 weeks a visionary event bringing the force of collective intelligence and connecting people.

Alone we are invisible, together we are invincible. I truly believe in this collective intelligence, let's progress together and develop all our ideas! It's a fact: no risk, no gain.

The one who taught me to be aware of my abilities

⚽️Who ?

Nathalie Boy de la Tour

Former President of the Professional Football League

👩🏼‍💻Where ?


Don't put yourself too many obstacles in your own way. There are enough people who will do it for you.
She taught me to be aware of the fact that I can manage a lot of things, more than I think.
She said "let's go, and we will see".

She also reminded me that in order to succeed, I need to work. Without work there is nothing.